The Birth of a Shooting Star
Grief over the Yellow River
Lotus Lantern (animaatio)
My 1919
Postman in the Mountains
The Road Home
Shadow Magic
Song of Tibet
A Tale of two Chinese


1. Yleistä

China: Facts & Figures 2001
China: Facts & Figures 2002
China: Facts & Figures 2002 (kiinaksi)
Kiina 50-vuotta
Celebration for the 50th Anniversary of the Founding of New China
One Country, Many Peoples 56 Nationalities of China
River Cross City (Chengdu)
Rain Flower Peddle (Nanjing)
Mansion of Book Collections (Zhejiang)
Memorable Years
The Charm of Yunnan
China Festivals
Berlin China Festival
A Look at Traditional Chinese Medicine

2. Kulttuuri

Chinese Traditional Festivals
Chinese Spring Festival
A Primer of Beijing Opera
A Look at Traditional Chinese Medicine
The 4th Chinese Art Festival
Sanxingdui Culture
Along the Footprints of an Artist
An Outline of Chinese Culture
New China’s Culture and Art in 50 Years
The Second China International Piano Competition
World Heritage in China

3. Urheilu

Chinese Martial Arts
Traditional Sports Meet of China

4. Beijing

Meet in Beijing in 2000
The Forbidden City of Beijing
The Hutong and Courtyard houses of Beijing
Peking and Peking Opera

5. Luonto

The Return of the Ospreys
Return to the Nature

6. Länsi-Kiina

Western China, Land of Hope
Entering West China (5 engl.,5 kiinaksi)

7. Tiibet

The Potala Palace
Banjiulunbu – A Small Village in Tibet
Laopsang’s World
China’s Tibet
Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Peaceful Liberation of Tibet
The Living Buddha in the Saint Mountain
Xiao Yao Valley in the Snow Mountains